A Dataset of Routine Daily Activities in an Instrumented Home

Orange4Home is a dataset of routines of daily living captured in Amiqual4Home’s smart home environment, from January 30th, 2017 to February 24th, 2017.

This dataset is the result of a joint work between Orange and Inria. The experiment was conducted by Julien Cumin, Grégoire Lefebvre, Fano Ramparany and James L. Crowley, with technical and organisational help from Nicolas Bonnefond and Stan Borkowski.

We propose below a download link for the dataset, in the form of a MySQL database dump. Before importing the dataset, you must create a schema named “openhab”. Each table of the database corresponds to a sensor, except for the table “openhab.items”, which contains the correspondence between names of tables and names of sensors. Table “openhab.item400” contains the labels of activities.

Download link: the dataset is not yet publicly available. You can contact julien1 dot cumin at orange dot com for more details.

(More details to come …)

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