Smart Home

The instrumented apartment of Amiqual4Home may serve as a realistic showroom for products and services for smart homes, and as a tool for usage experiments.
The 87 m2 was renovated and equipped with home automation systems, multimedia, water and electricity meters, and means for observing human activity. It can be easily adapted and modified to accommodate specific needs of experiments thanks to its 5 cm raised floor and panel ceiling allowing installation of additional sensors and actuators at will.

Instrumented appartment

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Appartement instrumente

The living room

All measurements are centralized and can be visualized in an adjacent control room, separated from the apartment by a technical lock. The data can be saved locally in different types of databases (SQL or noSQL, or time series). All equipment can be reconfigured dynamically and all devices can be controlled from the control room.

regie appartement

The control room

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