The Amiqual4home Innovation Factory is an open research facility for innovation and experimentation with human-centered services based on the use of large-scale deployment of interconnected digital devices capable of perception, action, interaction and communication.

Context and motivation. The continued exponential decline in the cost of micro-electronics, combined with the convergence of low-cost high-bandwidth digital communications, mobile interactive devices, embedded sensors and device controllers has created an enabling technology that can be used to address a number of looming societal problems including aging, energy efficiency, social cohesion and security. The potential impact of such a technology, commonly referred to as “Ambient Intelligence”, has been documented by the working groups of the French Ministry of Research (MESR) [Coutaz et al. 08] as well as the SNRI (Stratégie Nationale de la Recherche et de l’Innovation). Exploiting the potential of Ambient Intelligence to improve overall quality of life will require solutions to a number of difficult technological problems concerning deployment and integration of components, as well as a much greater understanding of how ordinary people can appropriate and interact with such technologies, and how such technologies affect human social structures. The proposed research facility will enable scientific research on these problems while also enabling design and evaluation of new forms of products and services with local industry.

Amiqual4home is funded by the The French National Research Agency within the Investments for the future program.

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