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BSP sound system – demonstrator content

BSP sound system demonstrator is available. It has been done in Amiqual4Home creativity lab.

BSP Sound System is an audio system composed of speakers whose audio parameters depends on user location.
• tracks
• volume, synthetizer
depends on user indoor positioning (user carries an active radio tag).

Speaker are synchronized together offering a true multi-room and follow me audio system.

  • Precise indoor location is provided by Be Spoon 3D Real Time Location System. Each speaker integrates an RTLS anchor and an audio amplifier.
  • System is configured using OpenHab middleware running on BSP sound box. Audio is streamed from BSP sound box to speakers over wifi network provided by BSP sound box.
  • Speaker and system status is displayed using speaker front side led.

For a demonstration please contact:


A BSP speaker : audio client and Be Spoon anchor


BSP demonstrator configuration interface

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